Jimmy Sharma Analysis: For 80 days, IPL’s ‘bio-bubble’ will have its own separate world, no one can go outside it, players have to give five tests before coming in.

  • No player in the bubble can exit until the tournament is over.
  • Ban on playing if bubble breaks, RCB even warns of ending contract.

Indian Premier League (IPL) started on sep 19. So let’s understand what this bio-bubble is? How does it work? How will it protect against corona? What would happen if a player broke a bio-bubble? Find answers to similar questions…

1. What is Bio-bubble?

In simple language, it is an environment in which the living is completely cut off from the outside world. That is, the players participating in the IPL, the support staff, the match official, even the hotel staff, and even the medical team doing the corona test are not allowed to go beyond the prescribed scope. One cannot come in contact with anyone from outside the world.

2. How does it work?

All the players, coaches, support staff taking part in the IPL got a corona test twice before reaching Dubai. Upon reaching Dubai, everyone was quarantined for seven days. During this, there were three corona tests. Those whose report came in negative have joined this bubble. The quarantine of the entire team was extended by seven more days when the report of 13 people from the Chennai team came positive.

Every member involved in the bubble will only be allowed to visit the ground and their hotel. Apart from this, they will not be able to meet anyone. Not even from his fans, friends, and relatives. Those involved in TV broadcasts and the rest of the staff are also placed in a separate bubble. Any person in the bubble will not be allowed to leave until the tournament is over.

3. If someone broke the bio-bubble?

Then it will be difficult. According to the BCCI, the bio-bubble breaker will be punished under the IPL Code of Conduct. If the player breaks the bio-bubble, he can also be prevented from playing some matches. Teams are also strict about this. For example, RCB has already warned that if a player breaks the bio-bubble, he may have to lose his contract.

4. Has there ever been a case of bio-bubble breaking?

Talking about international cricket, two players have broken the bio-bubble. Jofra Archer met a friend by breaking the bio-bubble during the England West Indies series. After that he had to go to Self Quarantine. Even the England team management knocked him out of the second Test against the West Indies.

Mohammed Hafeez, the Pakistan team player who went on a tour of England, broke the bio-bubble and met the family and was quarantined for five days. After this, he was allowed to join the team only after the Corona report came negative twice.


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