So, is the fix of IPL 2018 final? Join WhatsApp 6260369197

 So, is the fix of IPL 2018 final? Join WhatsApp 6260369197, whether it is fixed or not but of course you will get your net profit income. Let’s join our fixed profit full profit CRICKET BETTING SESSION TIPS



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 So, is the fix of IPL 2018 final? Join WhatsApp 6260369197

So, is the fix of IPL 2018 final Join WhatsApp 6260369197

The second Eliminator of the IPL will be played on Friday between Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad. The winning team will play the final match on May 27 with Chennai Super Kings in Mumbai. But there is no Eliminator match yet, and a video on social media is becoming viral, which is being said to be saying that the final match of the IPL is fixed.

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In the video being viral on Shell Media, KKR seems to be playing with Chennai Super Kings in the IPL 2018 final. This video is a promo that Hotstar, who is streaming live, has shown the video promo of Ipl 2018. CSK is seen playing with KKR in this promo. Some of the players from both teams are also seen.

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The video clip that has been revealed in the social media is not complete. Hotstar has removed this video promo after raising the question. Even before that, many Facebook and Twitter users shared it on social media. However, this video has not been confirmed.

 So, is the fix of IPL 2018 final? Join WhatsApp 6260369197

SRH vs KKR, Qualifier 2: Twenty-two million to three crore was sold, it was a seamer, finally got the chance to play the first match.

The cricket enthusiasts knew much about Khalil Ahmed, 20-year-old Rajasthan that the base-arm seamer’s baseprice of 20 million was at the time of the IPL auction. And seeing as soon as his bid index rose to reaching 30 million And Sunrise Hyderabad bought it at this great cost. However, after almost resting on the entire IPL benches, he has now got the chance to play his first match in the Qualifier 2 (match report) against KKR. And on Friday it will also be clear how Khalil Ahmed’s talent is.

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How is Khalil Ahmed’s talent of KK? And did the mistake of Hyderabad management not feed Khalil Ahmed up to the qualifier 2 before KKR? Let us know that Rajasthan, born in Tonk, Rajasthan, learned from Bowling’s early tennis ball. And when the game was taken seriously, the selection for the 2016 Under-19 World Cup was done in the Indian junior team. But sir could only take three wickets in 6 matches. But the good thing happened was that Khilseed Khurshid Ahmad climbed into Rahul Dravid’s eyes.


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