Cricket betting newsEngland-West Indies first test from today

England’s victory is necessary for the claim in the test championship, the English team in Southampton has not lost any match yet.

International Cricket starts from England after 116 days between coronavirus. The first match of the three test series between England and West Indies will be played from today. This match will be at the Southampton’s Rose Bowl Stadium. England on this ground hasn’t lost any match yet. The host has played three matches here. He defeated India in two matches, while he played a draw from Sri Lanka.
It will be necessary to win the match for England for their claim in the test championship. You can also search cricket betting tips  on google for earn money .England in the current point table is 146th with 146 points by playing 9 matches. Right there, team India is on top with 360 points.

The Series will reach the third number in the England championship on a clean sweep.

According to the championship rules, 120 points of every series have been set. Winner team gets points according to series match. Like-the team winning 40 points of a match in the three test series between England and West Indies will be found. If England does clean sweep in the team series, she will reach the third number with 266 points.

By winning the match England will come to number-3 in the test championship with 186 points


For the first time in the history of 143 years, there will be a test

This will be the first time in 143 years of history, when no test match will be played without viewers. The World’s first official test was played from 15 March 1877 The biggest thing is that this match in the empty stadium will be played in the same country (England), which has started cricket.

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