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A lot of celebration when India won the World Cup match all around the world and we all enjoying the historic victory that India had written in the pages of history. But I was more surprised about my roommates and office partners those even don’t the ABCD…!!! Of cricket, they were extremely excited about this winning and organized a huge celebration party so accordingly, i was also invited there.
Once i reached into the party, they all were waiting for one of the famous person in the cricket betting field but still i was unaware of waiting for the occasion, so curiously i asked one of my colleagues whose you guys!! Waiting so long, its party time to celebrate India’s winning then very aggressively he replied DUDE …!!! All of this party, bears, wine, and all stuffs were managed only because of him and most us even do not know how it works?
Then i asked what works ……!!!

He chuckled with saying, will let you you later. Here he came for all of us waiting the surprising man Mr. Jimmy Sharma, just Bollywood stars, he entered into the party, he amused each and everyone with unbelievable trust that the peoples are having on him. I requested to one of my best friends to share the secret of this party and who is Jimmy Sharma then he introduced me to him. In a first meeting, i was so impressed with such a genuine personality. He shared some life events of his life. And Now i understood what earlier was my fault to a miserable person.

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